Thursday, October 24, 2013

Have you considered Cloth?

Cloth what you ask?  Why cloth pads of course!20130902_155021
In a day and age when “green” is a buzz word and when it seems the entire planet is making you feel guilty for throwing anything away, cloth pads would be a good choice. But what if I told you there are actual health benefits for using cloth pads, benefits that would ease discomfort during your monthly cycle? 
I know, I know, it’s seems yucky, downright disgusting.  But I’m here to convince you otherwise.  Tirzah and I have been using cloth pads for YEARS!  Myself longer than Tirzah, but years nonetheless. 
  • Reusable
  • Soft
  • Inexpensive
  • Cloth reduces the blood flow (chemical laced pads and tampons actually leech MORE blood out of your uterus.)
  • Less cramping.  (see above comment)
  • Cleaner
  • Not Itchy
  • Shorter periods
I think of a lot of the cons related to using cloth have more to do with our mindset than anything.  Going cloth was an easy switch for me, a mom, already using cloth diapers, touching plenty of yucky reusable things everyday.  For Tirzah, she used disposables until I got my act together to teach her how to make her own, now she would NEVER switch back. 
Here’s what some of our pads look like.  Tirzah and I have our own that we keep separated; stored separately that is, not washed separately.  We just used some old flannel, an old towel and a special water proof fabric called PUL.
We made them with “wings” and Velcro closures.
We store our pads in cute little baskets in the bathroom.  This one is mine.
This is Tirzah’s.
We store the baskets on a shelf in the bathroom, super cute and discreet.
It’s not hard to wash cloth pads at all!  When we are going through our cycle we just stick our dirty pads in an old diaper pail with a washable liner. I’m not using this for diapers anymore, but when I was, we just added the pads to the dirty diapers.  You could keep an ice cream pail next to the toilet or even a cute little garbage can that’s just out during your special time of the month.  We wash our pads in our front loader using the sanitary cycle with a scoop of oxy clean with the detergent.  They come out stain free and odor free every time!  One time we forgot to wash the pads…for a whole month!  They still came out nice and clean.  Even if they were a little stained, so what?  Who’s going to see them anyway?  Smile
Here are some links for free patterns and more health information for you to check out.
Oh!  One more thing…cloth pads are portable too!  Tirzah has this cute little wet dry bag that she keeps in her purse when she needs it.  One more great thing about cloth pads is that they are virtually silent, if that crunching and tearing of regular pads makes you uncomfortable (like it does us) in the silent public bathroom!
So…what do you think?  Don’t be shy to ask questions or leave comments! 
Mrs. B (Tirzah’s Mom)

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Rene Russo said...

Super cool ideas, Those pads are one of the kind, i will try to make that from my brother`s shirt.