Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Home Made Pesto! Healthy, easy and yummy!

Hello everyone! I'm Anna and I was happy when Tirzah asked me to do a post on this neat blog. :)
I wasn't sure what to do for this post at first, but a day or so after she emailed me, I noticed that our basil plant was getting rather weighed down with leaves and decided to make some pesto before they withered and were unusable. So, I thought...why not share how to do that with all of you? :)'s a yummy, healthy and easy way to use up some basil! :)

First, pick about five cups of leaves

Clean out the bad spots and remove the stems.

Clean your basil and dry it

Next, put about half a cup of nuts (I used almonds, but walnuts would be even better) into the bottom of a food processor and pulse a couple times. 

Add your basil (It will be less than five cups when you put it in because you will need to pack it in.) and process for a few minutes

Add about half a cup of olive oil and one and a half cups of Parmesan cheese

Add about two or three tablespoons of minced garlic

And a few pinches of salt

Process until fully blended

And that's it! 

Tips: Pesto tastes best when it's chilled.
Also, it's wonderful on toast and bagels

Pesto is often times a rather expensive item in the grocery store (especially if you're going to find it this healthy) so, now you can enjoy it at a low cost and know for sure that there's nothing unhealthy about it!



Khloe Grace said...

Would you like to guest post on my blog? If so, please leave a comment in my guestbook, and I will be in touch!

Tirzah said...

@Khloe Grace- Thanks for the suggestion, Khloe! At the moment I'm at a loss for interesting blog posts. If I have one worth considering I'll do my best to let you know! :)
Thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...

OH YUM! I love pesto!! Our basil is growing VERY slowly. I love pesto on pizza instead of traditional pizza sauce,with chicken and cold tomatoes...Oh I could eat it every day! Just ask Tirzah!

Tirzah's Mom
aka Mrs. Taffy

Amy said...

Sounds delicious! :-) Can't wait to try it.