Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sugar Plum's Scripture Column!

Hello Everyone!
I'm back with another scripture! (Sorry it's a little late.)
Well,  here it is...

I am going to tell you a story which may end up a little long, so just try to hang in there a little bit. OK?
The story is about a girl named Sarah, a twelve year old orphan. She lives with her Aunt Rose who was very rich and owned a very big house in a neighborhood in the city! Her Aunt Rose had a son named Jeffrey who was much younger than Sarah.

One day Sarah was in her room when her Aunt called her down to dinner. Her Aunt was never one for cooking so they had a pizza Aunt Rose had ordered. But as soon as Jeffrey saw the pizza he started screaming that "He didn't want pizza for dinner" and "He wouldn't eat it" and that "He wanted Ice Cream for dinner".  Now Aunt Rose said "Now Jeffrey, we have been through this before. You may not have Ice Cream for dinner". Jeffrey fell into a fit and started rolling around on the ground! Sarah decided to take her pizza out on the front porch, but she knew that it would probably end with Aunt Rose giving in to Jeffrey and Jeffrey getting just what he wanted.

Later, when Sarah was reading a book on the living room sofa, Jeffrey was playing with some of his many toys on the living room floor when suddenly he sat up quickly and threw on of his toy trains across the living room. "MOM!" Jeffrey shouted to Aunt Rose who had just come into the living room, "I really need a new train set, just like the one Billy got for his Birthday!"  "Jeffrey!" Aunt Rose sighed "You have a perfectly good train set". "But I need a better one than this old thing" he said sweeping his hand across his toy train set.
"Jeffrey!" Aunt Rose tried to reason with him but he wouldn't listen. Sarah decided this was the perfect time to make her escape because, well, you probably know what will happen. She slipped into her room for the night and crawled into bed.

Sometime later Sarah was saying goodbye to Jeffrey in the living room playing with his new train set. She was getting adopted by a family in the country! This time She was the one who begged Aunt Rose to stay with her but her Aunt had said "Sarah, I think this will be a great opportunity for you honey" She had said it many times to Sarah before, but Sarah thought she wasn't ready for new opportunities. So here she was sitting in the living room trying to get her cousin to tear himself away long enough to say goodbye. "Bye" Jeffrey said with as much enthusiasm as if he was saying goodbye to someone he hated. Sarah took it as the best goodbye she would get out of her cousin and ran to the waiting car outside.
Once she was seated in the car the driver introduced himself as her new Dad! She started to like him right away!
They drove in the car for about 45 minutes and then turned down a dirt rode that would eventually lead to her new home.
As soon as they arrived at the house Sarah wasn't surprised to see that it was an old farm house in the middle of a farmyard. She was greeted at the door by a couple pairs of arms waiting to give her a big hug!
There were three girls one which was about her age and two who seemed a bit older than her. The girl around her age introduced herself as Rachel. Right away she came up to Sarah and asked if she would like to look at her doll in the playhouse outside. Sarah said she would, so the two girls darted of to the playhouse together. Inside the playhouse Sarah was surprised to see that Rachel's doll was made of rags and yarn! She was so used to seeing Jeffrey's new store bought toys she hadn't thought you could make a doll out of rags!
It was time to eat Dinner now so Sarah and Rachel ran back to the house together.
Inside, once everyone was seated at the table Sarah's new Father began to pray over the food. As he did Sarah looked around the table and saw everyone had their eyes closed so she did the same. After the prayer
Dad began dishing out soup in bowls to everyone, but when he got to Sarah's bowl she put her hand over her bowl and said "I don't like soup." But to her surprise Dad just firmly took her bowl away and said "You will eat it just like everyone else."  Sarah actually found that she enjoyed it very much and found herself asking for seconds!
She was beginning to be confused. This family was much different than what she was used to. Rachel had a homemade doll, They lived in an old farm house, and ate soup for dinner, yet they were Happy! She asked them why they were so Happy. And the answer she got was simply, "Because we have Jesus."

So what did you think of the Story? Now I am not trying to say that everyone who is Rich isn't happy or that everyone who is poor is Totally happy. I'm trying to say that whether rich or poor, Jesus makes everything Happy!

Thanks for bearing with me!
Sugar Plum

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Is this story supposed to be present day?