Monday, June 10, 2013

Fashion Tag

I have been tagged by Tori! ( Thanks Tori :) ) goes! :)

1) How would you describe your style?

Classic or/and vintage, with a touch of country and a dash of modern.

2) What are your wardrobe staples?

Classic of both a black and white top, a nice, modest pair of jeans. A classy dress that is appropriate for any occasion, and a nice pair of comfy flats. :)

3) Most expensive clothing item you own?

My winter boots... :)  I live in a cold state! :)

4) Most wanted item?

A pair of leather cowgirl or hiking boots! :)

5) Favourite designer?
I'm not a designer girl....I like to make it up as I go. :)

6)How much do you spend on clothing?
It changes...but usually around 10-15 dollars a month.

7) Favourite places to shop?
Thrift stores, Target, JoAnn's ;), Forever 21 - whenever there is a sale...and sometimes Wet Seal.

8) Favourite fragrance?
My favourite perfume is "Vanilla Dream" from But its a bit expensive for everyday, so I save that for special occasions and use the Bath and Body "Dark Kiss" (Scary name I know :P ) for everyday. :)

9) What is your go to outfit when you don't have anything to wear?
Either a cardigan with a skirt or a black or white tee with jeans...both of them with flats or flip flops...but preferably bare feet! ;)

10) Most prized possession?
I'm not sure..:P  Probably my white lace dress.:)

I'm not going to tag anyone in specific...but if you feel like doing this post...just comment the link to your blog and I would love to take a look at it! :)

Gracie <3


Khloe Grace said...

I have had a private blog for a while and saw this tag going around and thought it would be so FUN to be able to do it!!!!
Recently, my parents gave me permission for a public blog. It is not up and running yet (the girl who's designing is not quite done). I would love it though, if you would tag me for it now, so that when my blog gets running (soon) I could do it? I would love to do it!!!<3

Khloe Grace said...

did you get my comment?

Khloe Grace said...

Hey there! It may seem wierd that I keep commenting on this, but, it doesn't look like your blog is registering my comment. (Sorry, I guess I'm just a little excited about this tag);)

Tirzah said...

Hi Khloe!

Sorry about the wait. All of our comments have to be moderated before publishing.

We're glad you're so excited about this tag! You may take it up and use it on your blog whenever you wish, even if you're not tagged in it.

Congratulations on the public blog!
-Tirzah, Co-Creator//Author//Co-Editor

Khloe Grace said...

Hey Tirzah!!!!!
Thank you SO much!!! I'm so excited!!! When I get my blog up and going, I'll let you know what the address is!:)