Thursday, June 20, 2013

$20 Challenge {June}

Hello everyone! It's time for the $20 Challenge again! Have you found an outfit this month that cost less than $20? Blog about it and link up in a comment below! 

Here is my outfit for June: 

Outfit Description // Found at // Price
Multi-colored shirt // Garage Sale // $1.00
Jeans // Garage Sale // $1.00
Grey flip flops (not shown) // Old Navy // $2.50
Outfit Total: $4.50

My mom thinks I should lower my challenge to $5.00 a month since it is Garage Sale season, what do you think? :)

These jeans were a really great find. I'm totally picky about the style of my jeans. These ones were perfect! Boot cut, extra long and just the right size.

I think this would be a perfect "almost anywhere" outfit- dressy enough to go out in, and comfy enough to stay at home. :)

Link up in a comment below!


Khloe Grace said...

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Khloe Grace said...

I would love it if any of you girls would follow my blog? I have been a follower of CC4C, Tirzah's Delights, and Gracie's Adventures for a while!:)