Thursday, May 23, 2013

No Name Brands

It took me around thirteen years to figure out that people like name brands. They like car brands, clothing brands, even food brands. Now my knowledge of brands went about as far as Gymboree, like, as in the only brand I knew.

A year or so later I found out that people also classify name brands to the kind of person that you are.
"Oh, you drive this kind of car? Wow, you must be really poor."
"Hey, if I can't wear this brand of clothing I won't be cool enough! "
"Nutella is so way different than cocoa flavored hazelnut spread!"

All three of those sentences are total fallacies. (False arguments) Driving a charger, wearing only Aeropostale, and drinking Starbucks doesn't make you more cool, more beautiful or somehow better than the hippie-bus-driving- thrift-store-wearing- instant-coffee-drinking- next-door-neighbor. They're the same.

Brands clarify. Brands don't identify.

Clarify: :  to become clear

Identify: : to be or become the same *

Brands define the quality or style of certain items. Brands to not identify the user/wearer of the brands. 

Your value to Jesus doesn't diminish with what kinds of clothes you wear. There is no difference between Justice and Value Thrift Store. There's no difference between a Charger and a pick-up wannabe. There is no difference between doing your own yard work or paying someone else to do it. 

Whether you shop at the mall or garage sales, know this: no matter what you wear, what you drive, what you eat, what you do, your value does not diminish in God's eyes. He loves each of us the same- with an undiminishing, unimaginable love. Be you the girl trying on clothes at Charlotte Mason, hoping they will make her better- or the girl buying stuff at garage sales, wishing she had the money to shop for brand new things at Aeropostale; you are treasured. You are loved. Brands and prices are so overrated. 

If this post is far too confusing, I apologize. But please just take away this one fact and never forget it: You are loved, treasured, and wanted by the King of Kings - no matter what you wear, drive, say or do. 

Merriam-Webster Dictionary/Thesaurus 


Tori said...

That is so true!

Sugar Plum said...

I Love That Post Tirzah! You did SUCH a GREAT job on it!!
Love you,
Sugar Plum