Monday, May 20, 2013

May $20 Post

Hello Everyone! :)
This is May's $20 Post! :)

These picture were taken by the wonderful Tirzah in my back yard! Twas fun! 

Lace-tee- $3.50
Cream sweater- $0 (Hand me down) 
Belt - $0 ( came with another skirt) 
Skirt- $8.00- Forever 21 (on clearance)
Total = $11.50

This was a fun outfit and day....and yes, I know I look a bit dorky in the glasses, but I was having fun feeling nerdy! 
The main tip I have for this outfit is...first of all I didn't even go to a thrift store for any of it! So even if you are not a thrift shopper ( which I am to the core ;) ) You can find some good deals and don't have to spend a fortune on clothes! :) What I ALWAYS do when going to a real store is go straight to the back where the clearance and sales rack! That way you can find the cheaper things without falling in love with the full priced items! 
The second thing is try wearing one thing several different ways, in different styles! ( I will be doing a post about this soon ) But the reason I say that is you can come up with so many different outfits with only a few items..:) which makes it so you don't have to buy so many different things! :)
And last but NEVER least, Know that you are beautiful! I don't care if you are not what most people would consider a model! God created you to be his Beautiful and original master piece! Never forget that! :)

Thank you so much for reading! :) I hope you have a fantastic rest of today! :) 
Gracie <3


Amy said...

Beautiful. :-)

Tori said...

Love it!

Anna said...

This is beautiful!