Monday, April 1, 2013

Bad Hair day Scarf Ideas!

Hello everyone!!

We all have those days when our hair is exasperatingly stubborn, and has a mind to NOT listen today. Or a day when we want to look nice, but can't wash our hair...or something like that. So here are a few ideas and how-to's....whether or not your hair is listening.;)

Step One: Pull your hair into any type of bun you prefer! Then drape the scarf around the bottom side of your head.

Step Two: Pull to the top or side of your head (whichever you prefer) and bring to a comfortable tightness ( I pulled mine a teensy bit tight because it loosens as you finish..:)

Step Three: Criss-Cross the two ends so that they end up going back the way they came. :)

Then tie them together in the back, wherever it is most comfortable! 

And Tada!! :)

Another thing I like to do is just take a scarf and tie it tightly right before the beginning of your hair line. :) You can do this with a bun, a braid, or just leaving it down! :)

Thank you for reading, and God bless you! I hope that even on your "bad hair days" you remember that you are EXTRAORDINARILY Beautiful, and God made you with thought, care and love.
Gracie <3

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