Saturday, April 20, 2013

$20 Challenge (April)

Tirzah's Delights
Hi girls! It's time for the $20 Challenge again!  Remember how this works? Take that twenty bucks you've been saving up and go thrift store shopping! 

Here's my outfit for the $20 challenge:

Outfit Description // Found at // Price
Green shirt // thrift store // $4.00
Grey slacks // thrift store // $4.00
Accessories // gifts/reviews // free

Outfit Total: $8.00 
Photo Credit: Mrs. Taffy

Woohoo! That's twelve dollars extra! My mom actually found these cute items for me when she went shopping. Both pieces were 50% off. 

Did you find any great outfits for under $20? Link up below! (Remember to read this post first.)

Have a great week!

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