Monday, March 11, 2013

Review: Kalia Kai Designs (Hair Chalk)

Hi everyone! A little while ago I asked Kalia Kai Designs if I could review some of their hair chalk, and I was so excited when they said yes! 

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Here are some of my favorite items from Kalia Kai Designs

Coral/Orange Colored Hoop Earrings -$14.00

 Beach Cluster Ring- $14.50

NEON FUN Mermaid Hair Chalk- $7.50

I received a box of hair chalk in the mail a few days ago, and I was just squealing with excitement! 

I was given so many color choices, I was so surprised!! 

My hair before chalking. 

I was a little worried about the actual chalking procedure. I read the directions that came with the hair chalk from Kalia Kai Designs, but I had also read an article on a website with a lot of tips on hair chalking, one of which said for blondes to Not use water when chalking if they aren't planning on dyeing their hair. (Yikes!) 
I used the twisting method and the hot pink chalk first. 

I curled it too. 

It took a little while for me to figure out how to get the color to stay on my hair. :) I did end up having to use a little bit of water with each strand, but it didn't dye, thankfully! 

I really like how the two-color strands turned out! 

My mom tried some too! I think we may have had way too much fun! :) 

The pink showed up really nicely in her hair! 

There's not such a thing as too much fun though, right? 

But if you happen to get the brilliant idea of chalking your eyebrows, don't get them wet first. Just trust me, okay? 

You'll be using make-up remover and q-tips for the next five minutes while you panic and pray they don't stay that way. 
And once you're totally relieved that it came off, make them pink instead! (Without water)


And when your brother tells you you do look creepy, offer him orange eyebrows. 

He'll be fine after that. 
It was so fun to review this hair chalk! My mom and I both love to use it and we can't wait to play with it again! 

My only bummer was that the chalk burned onto my curling iron. I think that was because I had it too hot, though. 

Sum up: I loved the hair chalk! It went on nice, came almost all the way off after one wash, and didn't permanently stain my eyebrows blue! :) I'd definitely recommend Kalia Kai Design's hair chalk! 

Thanks so much to Kalia Kai Designs for letting me review their hair chalk!

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