Wednesday, February 20, 2013

$20 Challenge {February 2013}

Tirzah's Delights
Hi girls! It's time for the $20 Challenge again!  Remember how this works? Take that twenty bucks you've been saving up and go thrift store shopping!

Here's my outfit for February:

Outfit Description // Found at // Price
Jeans // Thrift store // Honestly, I have no idea how much these cost. It could be either $3.50 or $6.99, I have two pairs of jeans that look almost identical. Aye yi yi...  Let's just say $3.50... :) 
White T-shirt // Thrift Store // $1.99
Floral Green Hoodie // Thrift Store // $4.99
100% Sheepskin Leather Jacket // Thrift  Store // $5.99
Total: $16.47
Photo Credit: Tirzah's mom
Accessories // Found At // Price 
Earrings // Garage Sale // $0.75 or less
Leather Black Boots // Gift // Free
Make-up // Gift/review // Free
Total: $0.75

Photo Credit: Tirzah's mom

Outfit Total: $17.22
Photo Credit: Tirzah's mom
I really love this outfit, I wear it all the time! The hoodie is a fun stay-at-home-and-be-cozy piece, but it can also be worn to the store! The leather jacket was the really awesome find of this outfit, I think. It's real sheepskin and was such a deal!

Did you find any great deals this month? I'd love to see them! Link up below! (Read *this post* first)

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Amber said...

That is so neat how much you can get for your money at the thrift store! I should go more often!

Good to find you girls on bloggy land!