Thursday, January 3, 2013

Review: Flower Couture Shabby Headband

Hi guys! I hope you all are having a wonderful New Year! This week I'm going to post a review I did on a headband. I hope you like it! :)
 A little while ago I asked to review a shabby headband from Flower Couture! The lady I emailed was very sweet and surprised me with a grey Shabby Shic Headband for adult women and teens.
Here are a few items from Flower Couture's shop:  
Burgundy Flower Hair Clip - $16.00  
Bridal Ivory Flower Shoe Clips - $13.00

Women's Boho Pink Flower Headband - $12.00
The burgundy flower is so pretty- and those shoe clips are amazingly cute! I love the pink flower headband, it's so fluffy and... pink!
I really liked the headband I recieved. The flowers were very nicely put together and the grey color was beautiful. It matched my sweater perfectly.
Photo Credit: Mrs. Taffy
I chose a hard band for this product review since I picked a stretchy band for *this one*. I thought the band was a little short, it didn't go very far back behind my ears. Either it runs small or my head is bigger than I thought! ;)
It fits Marshmallow perfectly! :) However, I was able to wear it throughout an entire day. Sometimes I did need to push it back though because the band would fall forward and bump my ears.

Other than the size I love this headband!

Photo Credit: Mrs. Taffy
It is very comfortable to wear and it's so cute!!

Photo Credit: Mrs. Taffy
Thank you Flower Couture for letting me review your headband!

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