Thursday, January 10, 2013

Review and Tutorial: Willow Tree Minerals

Hi all! I hope you’ve been having a lovely week. I started up school on Monday, it’s been a little hard getting back into the flow of things,  but I know it’ll be worth it. This week I had the great pleasure of reviewing some products from Willow Tree Minerals! Lora was very kind and generous in letting me review her items!

Willow Tree
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Here are a few of the beautiful items from her shop:




All of Willow Tree Mineral’s items are so beautiful! They have lovely mascara, eyeliner, concealers, nail polish, lip products and more! Please check out all of the wonderful items they have at their shop.

Lora was so kind, she sent me a full five grams each of her

Organic Garden - Pure and Natural Mineral Eye Liner,

Sugared Almond - Pure and Natural Mineral Eye Shadow and

Firefly - Pure and Natural Mineral Eye Shadow and a sample of the

Beauty Sleep - Pure and Natural Mineral Eye Concealer / Highlighter.  I was so surprised and delighted! The little jars the eye shadows and liner came in were absolutely adorable! And the colors are AMAZING!   The eye shadows were very sparkly! Smile

I was a little stumped on how to get the concealer out of the bag, but my mom and I managed by pouring some into a jar lid.
So cute!
Mom helped my put mine on yesterday. One of the things we were looking for with this make-up was facial reactions. (Rashes, itching, ect.) We were hoping that since Willow Tree make-up is strictly made of minerals, we'd find none of that.

This is also one of the reasons why Gracie and I like mineral make-up so much. As Willow Tree Minerals put it:

"Our products never contain preservatives, chemicals, dyes, synthetic fragrances, parabens, bismuth, micro minerals or other toxins. There are no hidden ingredients in our products, unlike other main stream companies. We carry only 100% natural products that are effective and actually good for you!
 - Willow Tree Minerals shop description

Mineral make-up is actually good for you! And it doesn't have any chemicals that are bad for your skin in it.

I regulary use Clinique eyeshadow and mascara, and if I put a lot on, I can almost guarantee that at one point or another my eyes will start watering and my nose will run.

"No, I'm not crying, I'm just..SNIFF... um."

With this make-up I felt that my eyes didn't water very much the first time. They were itchy, but I have a bad habit of scratching my eyelids, so I don't think I can wholly blame it on the make-up. My eyes were definitely watering less than before.

My mom really liked the make-up too- especially the eyeliner! We've found it's very water resistant! :) 017
I tried putting on my new make-up on my own today. It turned out much differently then when mom put it on... my bad. :) But I thought I'd show you a quick tutorial on a way you can layer your colors. (It's my mom's technique: Start with the darkest or boldest color at the bottom and work your way up.)
1. Willow Tree Minerals suggested I use the Beauty Concealer first so the eye shadows don't crease. That's what I did first. Next, eye liner. Usually I'll try and get my eye liner (per my mom's helpful tip) to brush almost against my eyelashes, giving the effect an eye liner should and yet not (hopefully) making me look like a racoon. With this eye liner I was a little more liberal. After all, it's new make-up, and it's fun! :) I'm still young enough to get away with it... right?



2. Next I put on the Firefly eye shadow. I put it just above the eye liner (and probably slightly over it, oops) and centered it on my eyelid, leaving room for the next color.
3. Sugared Almond eye shadow: I put this above the Firefly - all the way up to my crease. I managed to brush it all the way up to my eyebrow but it easily wiped off. (Note, if you get the eyeshadow on your cheek, the best way to get it off is by blowing air on it. Wiping just tends to give you a sickly color in your cheeks. Yes, personal experience. :) If all else fails, use make-up remover.)

Add a little mascara and then you're done! I didn't put any of the eye liner on the bottom of my eyes, I think the top is enough for me to handle at the moment. :)

Thanks so much to Willow Tree Minerals for letting me review their products! It was so much fun, and I hope to try out their mascara someday!


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Bailey said...

Thanks for posting this Tirzah! I went to the website and ordered some samples! (I love that they're so cheap!) Thanks for your desire to give godly young girls a way to live that is pleasing to the Lord!

Bailey =)