Thursday, January 17, 2013

D.I.Y. Celtic Braid T-Shirt Bracelet

Hi guys! I hope you all have had a spectacular week! Today I'm going to teach you how to make a t-shirt bracelet with a Celtic Braid! It's really fun and easy to do!


I found most of my t-shirts at garage sales for less than a dollar each, I think. I like it when the t-shirts are made out of stretchy fabric best because the ends will curl up and hide any mess-ups better. But regular fabric works too!
Step One: Cut up your t-shirt. At first you may have feelings of angst about this- after all, you're cutting up clothes. But don't worry, the end product will be worth it! :) I think my favorite method for getting the most out of my t-shirt is to cut down the seam. Start at the neckline and work your way down the sleeve, then start from the bottom edge of the t-shirt and cut back up to the sleeve.


Step 2: Grab a ruler. If you're using stretchy t-shirt material you won't need as much fabric, if you're using regular you'll probably need a bit more. If you're going with stretchy, go ahead and cut off 5-8 inches, depending on your wrist size. I cut off 13 inches and ended up with a bracelet much too long, I think I cut off about 5 inches or so. Measure your wrist before-hand and you should be all right.
If you're going with regular fabric, measure your wrist and add an inch or two just to be safe.
Step 3: Cut out five long strips, about one inch wide each. Mine are terribly uneven, but they will curl up when I'm braiding, so it doesn't really matter.
Step Four: Sew the strips on top of each other.
Step Five: Stretch your strips out flat.
Step Six: Take the farthest strip to the right and cross over the closest strand and under the next. Tighten it up.
Step Seven: Do the same with the left side and tighten.
Step Eight: Continue braiding until you've got nothing left to braid. Make sure your bracelet fits around your wrist. Sew the ends together, just like you did in step four.
037Step Nine: Sew both ends together to form a circle. If you like how the bracelet looks right now, just leave it and skip the next step. If you like, you can add buttons or twist ribbons in with the t-shirt strands. Be creative!

Now for the flower!

Step One: Cut out relatively similar shaped petals out of a different-colored t-shirt. Stack them on each other- turning them slightly to form a flower shape. Continue for as many layers as you like. Sew petals together with a few, firm stitches. Give the petals little tugs to make sure none have slipped out on accident.
Step Two: Stitch flower onto the bracelet. Add a button if you like.

And there you have it! A Celtic Braid T-Shirt Bracelet! These are so fun and easy to make! You can experiment with different ways to use them too. Anklets maybe? Perhaps around a jar filled with hot cocoa or cookies.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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