Monday, December 10, 2012

Jane Austin Up-do Tutorial

There is no particular reason that I called this a Jane Austin Updo, but it seems to fit quite nicely. :) This updo is a combination of several thingamabobs mixed together, and simplified... it is an especially nice look if you don't want to use heat to curl or straighten your hair. It works well and is super adorable with all types! :)

The only things you will need are:
1.) About 20 or so bobby pins (Butterfly clips work as well, but it is a much different look)
2.) A brush to comb your hair out before-hand.                                                                    
3.) A soft holding hair spray
4.) (Optional) Some sort of hair accessory: Flowers, headbands, or a soft ribbon.   

Start out with your natural hair and grab a smaller section near the crown in the back (as shown below) and twist. (Maybe even a little less than below depending on how fine, coarse, or curly your hair is) :)                

Grab a small strand at the end and gently push it to your head, and pin it. If it starts getting snarled or frizzy, it is twisted too tightly. Repeat this several times, until all your hair is up. A good pattern for this do is starting at the very top (or the highest you want to go) and moving down. :)

If you have bangs (or are growing out your bangs ) like me, you will probably want to do something  like a braid or twist (below) with them before you finish the last strand on that side!

Lastly, leave a few random strands out if you want a more relaxed and old fashioned look!

Below are a few of the accessories that I used.:)

And TADA!! There you have it! :) 

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have fun playing around with your hair!!!

God Bless you, and have a SUPER fantastic day!
Gracie <3


Emily Ruth said...

Lovely hairstyle, Gracie! Thanks for sharing.

Judith said...

wow! you make it look so easy!

Grace L said...

I did this hairstyle,it looks great! Thanks so much for posting!