Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Tirzah's Delights

The $20 Challenge!

 Hi guys! A while ago Mrs. Taffy gave Gracie and Tirzah a challenge. And we'd like to share that challenge with you- and if you like, you can take it up for yourself!

Each month Gracie and Tirzah will scout out the thrift stores for a new outfit.
Well, that part is easy. Here's the catch: the outfit has to be $20 or less.

Each month on the twentieth the girls will post their finds.
If you have an outfit that you can enter, just post about it on your blog and link up to our post!

Here are some details you'll need to include:
~ picture of the outfit (preferable)
~ price of each item (if you can remember)
~ total price of the outfit

And that's about it!
You can add anything to your outfit that you already own too, just remember to add that price to your list.

Be creative! Have fun!
~ The CCC4C Team


Mrs. Taffy said...

I can't wait to see what everybody comes up with!

Amy said...

Does it have to be at a thrift store?

Tirzah said...

Hi Amy! No, it doesn't. The outfit just needs to be around $20 or under price-wise.

Amy said...

Okay, thank you! I'm thinking about trying it next month! :-) It sounds fun!