Thursday, December 20, 2012

$20 Challenge {December 2012}

Tirzah's Delights

 Hey guys! Welcome to the first week of the $20 challenge! Remember how this works? Take that twenty bucks you've been saving up and go shopping- at thrift stores!
 Here is Tirzah's outfit for December:
Outfit Description // Found at // Price
Red shirt with three-quarters length sleeves // thrift store // for $4.99
Black slacks // Sam's Club // for $13.99
White sweater // Kohls // for $6
Black hat // thrift store // for $1.99
Ornament earrings // Garage Sale // for $0.75
Costume pearl necklace // Grandmother // gift
Bracelet // Mom // gift
Total outfit price (When worn on Thanksgiving and/or Christmas): $26.97
Photo Credit: Tirzah's mom (Excuse the bare feet, please!)

Tirzah's notes: This outfit went over the limit because of the black slacks and white sweater. However, I can wear both of these items with multiple outfits, so that spreads out the price a bit. For example, if I wear my black slacks with three different outfits, that's like cutting the price into thirds. (That's $4.66 if you were wondering.)
The sweater helps make the shirt a little less boring. Plus, it flows down to my knees and adds the feeling that you're walking around in a long cape. Awesome. :)
The black hat and black slacks compliment each other and tie the outfit together.
Tirzah's Tip: When you choose your jewelry, choose it wisely. Don't pair gold earrings with a silver necklace, or vice versa. The gold earrings in the photo below go with the pearls because they compliment each other. (And the pearls have a gold clasp.) Try to have your jewelry metals match up with each other.
Outfit Description2 // Found at // Price
Red shirt with three-quarters length sleeves // thrift store //  for $4.99
Jeans // thrift store // for $3.50
Denim flats // thrift store or garage sale // for $1.49 or less (I can't remember! :D )
Ornament earrings // garage sale // $0.75
 Outfit Total (When worn on a regular day): $10.73
Tirzah's Other Notes: Even without the sweater and slacks this outfit is still pretty cute. Sometimes I like to wear it with a frilly jean vest or jean jacket when I'm going out. And boots. Boots are always nice. :)
Photo Credit: Tirzah's Mom
Nadia's Photos and Notes Coming soon!
Okay! Now for the link-up! Please read this post first, it's got some guidelines for your own $20 Challenge post!
Merry Christmas everyone!
~ The CCC4C Team ~

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